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Leslie Williams

Online Mathematics and Technology Tutor


After almost thirty years of teaching, I now enjoy working with students one-on-one online in the comfort of their homes. Whether a student is bored and needs more challenge with math or technology, or doesn't understand content at the pace taught, I work with teachers, parents, and students to meet their needs. When needed, I also work with counselors, learning specialists, and psychologists. In addition, I enjoy working with adults who need to review or learn math for a multitude of reasons.
Leslie Williams math tutor

Using OneNote and my "classroom", I am able to interact with students in different ways. 


I am a big believer in having videos to refer to when learning. With Zoom, I can record tutoring sessions for reference, and I also offer free check ins between sessions by creating practice and giving feedback on students' work. Here are some example videos of my instruction for student reference.


Marcia Rogat, School Counselor

(From LinkedIn)

A dedicated teacher who embraces her profession with both passion and skill, Leslie is loved by both her students and her colleagues. Having worked with her for over 15 years, I have found Leslie always eager to continue her own growth. Thus, she naturally inspires students to challenge themselves, trust their own heart, and follow their dreams.

Leslie's talents in technology and the teaching of math are exceptional, and she readily shares her abilities and insights with fellow educators who often look to her for direction and support. Additionally, students know she is their advocate and that they can trust her to help them navigate the challenges of growing up in today's multi-cultural world.

A woman of integrity and heart, Leslie is an innovator, natural leader, and highly respected professional, making her a valued member of any team.

Maureen Sawchak, Parent

(From LinkedIn)

Leslie's warmth and openness create a great environment for learning. She taught both of my kids -- while their learning styles were very different, both found Leslie to be clear in her teaching and creative when they needed extra help to learn something new. Leslie was a leader in incorporating technology into her classes which was exciting for the students.
I also worked with Leslie on several PTA projects and appreciated that her focus was always on the students and what would make their experience fun and memorable.

Henry L, Student

Mrs. Williams, thank you so much for teaching me in 7th grade. You managed to keep me on task and engaged even during virtual lessons.

Pamela Hoile, Parent

Both of my children were privileged enough to have Leslie as their math teacher! She is a very patient and kind-hearted teacher who makes learning math fun, even for kids like mine who struggled with math. 

Shrey S, Student

Mrs. Williams was a great math teacher, who had a great way to tell what help kids needed, and helped them excel.

Hannah A, Student

Mrs. Williams has a clear passion for math and can use common logic to get the point across clearly. She also connects to students inside and outside of the classroom, which then aids in learning because she can apply math theories to their personal interests.

DawnMarie Smith, Principal at the Franciscan School in Raleigh, NC

(From LinkedIn)

I worked with Leslie for almost two decades as we were both middle school math teachers. As the years passed, we both took on more leadership responsibilities but continued to be classroom teachers. Leslie has a wealth of knowledge in the education world. She is the epitome of innovation. She never hesitated to embrace new technology or try a new practice. She was the first middle school teacher to incorporate a flipped classroom and she took time to introduce her seventh-grade students to financial literacy and included literature in her math class by having the students read "Flatland". In addition, she led many professional development opportunities in which she shared her expertise in hopes that her fellow faculty members would also welcome and support these ideas within their own classrooms. Leslie approaches her work with a great deal of organization, attention to detail big picture, and professionalism. She would be an asset to any community of learners.

Sophia, Student

If you're looking for a keen tutor who teaches material with excitement while explaining math with visuals in innovative ways, then look no further! Mrs. Leslie Williams is one of the most passionate and kindest teachers I've ever had, end of discussion. Actually, one of my favorites as well! Her enthusiasm to teach always amazed me and is why I learned so much in her class while still using her little tips and tricks today. Whether it was listening to her explaining PEMDAS/how to use it, or introducing integers, and what counts as one, she was always eager to answer questions or point out the most important things in an equation. With her as my teacher, I was always excited to come to class!

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