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Leslie Williams math technology tutor

Hello everyone! My name is Leslie Williams and I have been tutoring math since 1990 and became a licensed math teacher in 1994 after graduating with a degree in Mathematics Education. Throughout the years I have taught children and adults of all ages. Teaching is not a job for me, it is who I am. I am passionate about helping people learn. We all experience anxiety while learning topics that are not in our comfort zone, and it is my goal to ease the anxiety and create a supportive and caring experience for my students of all ages, adults and children. True teaching is an art form that takes advantage of a student's learning style. It builds confidence in the learner, meets the learner where they are and guides them at their pace. I use a multitude of resources to cater tutoring to each student. In addition to tutoring, I work closely with parents, teachers, counselors, learning specialists, and psychologists as needed. I believe communication between all people involved in a child's education is essential, and am committed to such. Everyone in a child's life brings an important perspective on how to understand and best help that child. At this point in my life, I am interested in working with a few students and becoming part of their support system. I teach for the joy of helping students to succeed - I am truly an enthusiastic math tutor! 

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