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math AND competition PREP

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Math Support and Competition Preparation


After teaching math for over 20 years, I have supported thousands of students in math. I have worked with students who love math and excel and love math but can't seem to pass assessments or keep up with the pace of the class. I have worked with students who don't like math or feel discouraged. And, as any experienced teacher knows, 20% of students have learning challenges and/or ADHD. Teachers are often under immense pressure to prepare students for testing and don't always have the time to ensure true mastery and conceptual understanding because they must teach to the middle of the class. If your child does not fit into the middle, tutoring can help with mastery or challenge students who are bored. While supporting your child, I will extend classroom education with flexibility and patience.

In addition, I offer competition preparation for the AMC-8 and Mathcounts competitions.


Many adults experienced math anxiety in school and still carry this anxiety, creating an aversion to math. This lack of confidence can affect careers. I have worked with adults over the years and can help make math accessible to you.

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